Who is Cymatic Bruce?

Hey VR Heads! My name is "Cymatic" Bruce Wooden. I have been an active VR Evangelist since the beginning of the "new resurgence" of VR, lurking the MTBS forums when DIY enthusiasts were posting promising projects. It has been a wild ride ever since. My background is in Physics and technology education. I have worked tech support, taught video game design, developed museum exhibit science content, written and delivered science curriculum, and run a $1M technology summer camp at The Tech Museum in downtown San Jose. Game design has been a passion throughout. Currently, I wear many hats.

I am Head of Experience and co-founder at AltspaceVR, a virtual reality communications platform. We've gone from an initial software reveal in Sept 2014, to meetup and media tours, CES 2015 in the Intel Booth, SDK release and dev portal, large scale in-VR events - and we are just getting started.
Karl Krantz, Nana Usui and myself founded Silicon Valley Virtual Reality back in May 2013. Since then, we have had over two dozen meetups, two conferences, and grown to over 2700 members. SVVR is the place to be to network, learn, and find the pulse of the VR community.
My journey started by making a dev blog. Once I received my DK1 I made a couple videos, which lots of folks liked. Videos segued into live streams, which led into talks and presentations, which led into an entire career change. I continue to do my best to provoke discussion and contribute to the VR community.
I love games. More than most. Video Game junkie, tournament Street Fighter player, Dance Game Champion, game design instructor, and now VR spaceship jockey. If you meet me in CQC, I have two words for you: "You're Welcome."

"We are those people... these ARE the good old days."

Michael Abrash