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This site is basically my online extended business card. More to come.

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About Cymatic Bruce

Cymatic Bruce is Developer Relations Head at AltspaceVR, VR Evangelist & Community Organizer.

Co-Organizer and Emcee, Silicon Valley Virtual Reality (SVVR)

VR News and Media Production

VR Community Engagement

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My name is "Cymatic" Bruce Wooden. I am currently employed as Developer and Community Relations Head at AltspaceVR. My history is varied: I have managed game stores, worked tech support at SCEA, taught video game design, developed museum exhibit science content, written and delivered science curriculum, and run a $1M technology summer camp at The Tech Museum in downtown San Jose. My educational background is in physics. I have always been interested in game design and VR, but have been mostly involved in the science education field since 2008.

When I found out about the Rift on the MTBS forums, I knew I would want to contribute to this resurgence of VR. I began brushing up on my development skills in preparation. Once I received my dev kit, I posted some first impressions videos as a part of my personal documentation of my dev experience. One thing led to another, more videos were posted, and then the stories about my VR adventures were in the gaming press. Life hasn’t been the same since! I am now full time at an exciting VR startup, co-org of the well known SVVR meetups, a VR Vlogger/Livestreamer, and guest contributor to the VR news site Road To Virtual Reality.

I believe that VR is a new medium with wide applications, and we are currently standing at the ground level of a shift in consumer technology. I am currently evaluating what role I will play as this industry grows. I am open to discussions on collaboration and consulting, and I am excited to find what new opportunities lie ahead in the field of VR experiences!

Yours in Innovation,

Bert “Cymatic Bruce” Wooden

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